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The Student Employment program at Columbia International University provides valuable experience to students both inside and outside of their field of study.
The purpose and objectives of the program are:
  • To provide valuable work experience to qualified students through the performance of necessary jobs on campus
  • To provide students opportunities to develop skills and identify interests that will later support their candidacy for internships and job searches
  • To provide financial assistance to students to help fund their academic studies and reduce indebtedness
Benefits of part time employment:
  • Explore career options
  •  Add career-related experiences to your resume
  • Make professional contacts in your field
Each year, CIU employs students to help in a variety of capacities on campus as student workers. All current students who are degree-seeking and registered for at least half-time are eligible for student worker positions. Most student worker positions are Federal Work Study (FWS) approved, but the few exceptions will be identified as non-eligible FWS jobs.  Both FWS approved students and those who are not can apply for any advertised student worker job opening.  The exception is community service jobs which are only for FWS approved students and will be posted as such.  To determine if you qualify for FWS, contact the Office of Student Financial Services.
When logged in to CIUOnline, click on the "For Students" link in the next section to access more information, an application, and the link to the CIU JobBoard where all on and off campus jobs are posted.
Assistantships are available to work in many areas on campus and when feasible, are closely related to the student's program of study. Students employed in an assistantship receive scholarship money at the beginning of each semester instead of a monthly paycheck. Candidates for assistantships are selected in the spring prior to the academic year. For more information and the application to apply, contact the Office of Student Financial Services 800-777-2227, ext. 5036 or