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The Moore Fitness center is located on CIU's campus behind the McQuilkin classroom building.  Amenities include an aerobics room, a free weights room, a full-size gymnasium, and a cardiovascular room with a full complement of circuit training, treadmills, recumbent bicycles and elliptical machines. Additionally, the Moore Fitness center has a small library of popular DVD and video-game based workouts. Sports equipment may be borrowed from the front desk for up to one week at no charge. 
The Moore Fitness Center hosts all of CIU's indoor intramural sports. Please click on the link in the upper left box to be directed to the Intramurals page.

An Interview with Eugene

              1. When was that starting point, and what “triggered” that decision?
I began to start making changes in my day-to-day habits and routine beginning the Fall 2012 semester here at CIU. 
For one, I did not like what I was seeing in the mirror, and I knew that if change was going to take place I had to take responsibility for my body.  I also have several family members who are sick, or who have died, due to various illnesses that could have been avoided with something as simple as a proper diet. 
I remember telling myself, "Do not try and do too much.  Let’s start with the right choices.  This is not about losing weight, but this is about living a healthy lifestyle."
             2. What has changed in eating?  What have you changed in exercise?  What or                  where did you find the motivation to keep on going?                  
As far as changes in my eating, Ashley Dannelly (my immediate boss), simplified it for me.  She said, "Eugene, honestly, just up your vegetables and your fruit intake to start off."  As a good patient would do, I listened.  I am surprised Ashley did not tell me to stop asking her questions, because I had questions for her every day.
It was also through her that I discovered the LoseIt! App. that CHANGED MY LIFE!  Through that app. (on my phone) I could plan how I would reach my goal through the proper diet.  I would recommend that app. to anyone.
When it comes to exercising I just wanted to have fun.  I tried to go to the gym with some of my "in-shape" friends, but I HATED GOING TO THE GYM WITH THEM!  Those that have been in this position understand what I am saying. These friends always had me doing something that I hated, and they had NO IDEA what it felt like to be me.  "No, I do not want to do a thousand crunches followed by 2,000 lunches and one million squats while at the same time running a marathon!"  I learned that I enjoyed running and I stuck with that.  The bulk of my weight has come off due to running and exercise.  I am now enjoying weightlifting.  Now, I run about 15 miles a week on the elliptical in gym on level 14.  I remember when level 5 for 20 minutes made me feel like I was going die from exhaustion.     
ALL OF THIS was reinforced every day by Ashley Dannelly, Jason Koshy, Sarah Cramer and Rob McDole (basically, the entire CEID Department on the campus of CIU where I am employed as a student worker).  From the first pound that I lost to the 104th pound that I lost they celebrated with me every step of the way.  I would not have been able to accomplish these goals without them encouraging me.  It was through their continuous support and genuine excitement that kept me motivated.  Columbia International University was (and has been) the perfect place for me to transform, because the people that I have encountered here have supported me from day one. 

               3. What has surprised (positively) you the most during this journey? 

  What has surprised me the most during this journey is how active I am!  I LOVE being active (such as running) and other activities.  I remember when Ashley and Sarah would be in the office discussing rock climbing, running or other fun things that I could not physically do, and I would feel embarrassed.  They did not know that I felt this way because I learned the art of masking how I really felt about my outward appearance.  Now, I am active and having SO MUCH FUN!  I am enjoying activities that once made me feel shame because of my weight.
                 4. What has been the reward?                                                                   
 What has been the reward?  The reward is to be healthy! It is to be healthy and like what I see irror.  The reward is being able to climb that hill from the Pineview Apartments to the campus without breathing as if I just climbed Mount Everest in 10 minutes.  Do you know how many times I had to take a break after climbing that hill?  Also, as a singer my breath support is better and I am able to give more vocally.
            5. What advice would you give to others who are considering making a change in                  their life to live more healthy?
The advice that I would give to others who are considering making a change in their life to live more healthy would be to win the battle mentally.  I had to ask myself the question, "Why are you slowly committing suicide?"  Dr. Myles Munroe stated once during a message, "Once you get a glimpse of what God wants to do with your life you will take care of your body, because you need your body to take you to the places He wants to take you."  I would say to sit down with yourself (and maybe even a good friend), if you are serious about changing to a more healthy lifestyle, and ask yourself those hard questions.
FIND ACCOUNTABILITY!  As I have shown in this interview, it is important to have people around you that root you on towards health. 
Take your time.  Do not try and lose 100 pounds in 3 months (as an example).  I remember wanting to lose an enormous amount of weight (which is not bad), but I wanted to do it in an impossible amount of time.  When the weight did not come off the way that I wanted it to come off then I would give up and quit.  This is no longer an option once I decided to be on the journey for the long-run and not just a season of life.  If you are doing this for a season then be prepared to go back to your old ways, but if it is for a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life here on this earth then you will make it.
IF I CAN DO IT YOU CAN DO IT!  I know that is cliché but it is true.            
            6. Not trying to over-spiritualize…but have you found a parallel in your discipline of body             with your discipline in your walk with the Lord?
Have I found a parallel in my discipline of body with my discipline in my walk with the Lord?  YES!  I remember when I would hear someone quote scriptures as easy as I repeat the days of the week, and then I would go and try to memorize as many scriptures as possible to do the same, but then I would always quit.  It was me, again, trying to "lose an enormous amount of weight in an impossible amount of time"!  Those same questions that I asked myself to begin this journey to physical health has had to be asked in regards to my spiritual well-being.  With that said, in the same way that it takes time towards a goal (as fitness), it is the same with "spiritual fitness".
It is my prayer that people will read this article and find hope.  
Do not go another day being in the same place!  You have dreams and goals and I want to see you accomplish them.  I want to read your success story of how The Lord has brought about transformation so that the encouragement will continue to flow on to others.  My journey has taken about 16 to 17 months and I am still pushing towards my goal.  I hope that you will decide to go towards your goal(s) after reading this interview. May God bless you in your endeavors. 


Moore Fitness Center Hours      

Monday-Friday :      6 am         -     Midnight
Saturday:                  9am       -      Midnight
Sunday:                    CLOSED   

A variety of instructor-led classes are offered each semester.  Turbo Fire, Insanity and P90X (DVD-led) programs are available to use in Aerobics room when there is not a scheduled class going on.

Memberships are free for all current students and current faculty and staff. Alumni may purchase memberships for a small fee.

Per Semester Rate $30
Yearly Rate (includes winter and summer breaks) $75