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All CIU community members are responsible for knowing and abiding by CIU parking and traffic regulations. Any changes to parking or traffic regulations will be issued through The Insider and/or CIUOnline.

Parking regulations are enforced to provide safety, convenience, and adequate parking for all CIU community members. For this reason, certain parking spaces are designated and reserved for separate campus groups.  Designated parking spaces are marked with paint at the rear of the space and/or with a sign. Undesignated (not marked) parking spaces are available for use by any CIU community member.

Parking and Traffic Penalties

Campus parking and traffic regulations are enforced. Violations may result in a citation being issued. Fines must be paid in the Accounting Office in the Administration Building within seven days of the date of the citation. Failure to do so may result in the following penalties:  After 7 days: Double the original fine; After 14 days: Triple the original fine; After 21 days: Loss of parking privilege on campus for 10 weeks and a $10 administrative charge.

Repeat parking and traffic violations may result in additional fines, vehicle immobilization, vehicle towing, or the loss of driving and parking privileges on campus.

Vehicle Registration

CIU community members are required to register all vehicles driven on campus, including motorcycles. Registration must be completed within one week of first driving the vehicle on campus, e.g., first week of classes, first week of employment, or first week after purchase of a new vehicle. A CIU parking decal will be issued for each vehicle registered.

Decals cost $45 per year or $25 per semester. Only one payment is required per year/semester regardless of how many vehicles are registered. Faculty, Staff, and On Campus Contract Service Employees are not charged for their decal(s). Unregistered vehicles parked on campus may be issued a citation that incurs a $50 fine. A free Guest Parking Pass is available for campus visitors and members of the CIU community when using a vehicle on campus for two weeks or less. These passes may be picked up from Security or the Reception Desk in the Administration Building. Guest Parking Passes only allow parking in the Commuter Parking Lot and undesignated spaces.
Registration Locations:

* Students may register vehicle(s) and pick up decal(s) in the Student Life Office. 
* Faculty and Staff register vehicle(s) and pick up decal(s) in the Human Resources Office. 
* On Campus Contract Service Employees register vehicle(s) and pick up decal(s) in the Physical Plant Office.
* Alumni can register and pick up decals at the Security desk in the Ridderhof building. 
* Guests can register and pick up decals at the Security desk in the Ridderhof building, or at the front desk in the Administration building.


Decal Placement


Parking decals must be displayed on the left rear bumper (driver's side) or bottom left corner of the rear window of the vehicle where the decal is clearly visible. Parking decals must be displayed on a rearward facing portion of a motorcycle so the decal is clearly visible.

All detached trailers parked on campus must be registered and a proper decal displayed on the left side of the tongue or frame near the hitching point so the decal is clearly visible. Trailers must be parked behind Founders hall on the grass parking lot or behind Moore Fitness Center on the old tennis courts.

*Please remove CIU Parking Decals from vehicles when ownership changes.

General Parking and Traffic Information

CIU is not responsible for any loss of or damage to vehicles or the contents of vehicles parked on its premises.
Parking and driving on the CIU campus is a privilege and may be withdrawn due to flagrant disregard for the safety of others or repetitive violation of the parking and driving regulations.
Parking and driving regulations are in effect 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year, including nights, weekends, and holidays.
The speed limit throughout campus is 20 mph, except on International Boulevard where the speed limit is 35 mph.
All vehicles must be parked within a marked parking space or in the Commuter Parking Lot.
Backing into or pulling through a parking space is prohibited, except at a Village residence.
Curb parking is prohibited, except on the Administration Building circle, Memorial Building Short-term (30 minute), Rossi Student Center Short-term (30 minute), and Physical Plant vehicles while employees are performing official duties.
Parking or driving on the grass and under trees is prohibited, except within the Commuter Parking Lot, next to the Copy Center for brief loading/unloading, behind East Hall against the woods, at the Lake or Pavilion.
Double parking outside of authorized spaces is prohibited. Do not park beside, behind, or in front of parked vehicles.
Parking or driving on sidewalks is prohibited, except for brief loading/unloading.
CIU community members are responsible for ensuring all drivers of their vehicle(s) know and abide by the CIU parking and driving regulations.
Notify Security when a mechanical problem forces a vehicle to be parked outside of a parking space. Place a note on the windshield and move the vehicle to a proper parking space or off campus as soon as possible on the same day of the break down.

Where to Park

Off-Campus (Commuter) Students may park in any undesignated space.

On-Campus (Residence Hall) Students may park in the parking lots near their respective residence halls in parking spaces designated with White or Blue painted dots or any undesignated space.

Apartment Residents may park in the Pine View parking lot or any undesignated space.

CIU Faculty and Staff may park in the parking spaces marked F/S or Fac/Stf or Faculty/Staff or any undesignated space.
Faculty/Staff parking spaces are available for use by any community member on weekends and from 5PM to 7AM M-F.

On Campus Contract Service Employees may park in the parking spaces marked F/S or Fac/Stf or Faculty/Staff, in front of or behind Physical Plant Office, on the gravel road beside Co-op or any undesignated space.

Additional Designated Parking

Moore Fitness Center spaces: Available for use by any CIU community member but ONLY while involved in activities inside the fitness center. Parking in these spaces is prohibited if you are entering either the McQuilkin or Schuster Classroom Building.

Permanently reserved spaces: These are reserved 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year. Only those designated may park in these spaces.

Disabled spaces: Requires state Disabled Parking Permit and a CIU Parking Decal.

Visitor spaces: These spaces are for true visitors only. These spaces are not for CIU community members.

Temporarily reserved spaces: These spaces may be marked with cones, barricades, yellow tape, or temporary signs. Please do not park in these spaces unless you meet the designation, e.g., Disabled, Event, Visitor, Board Member.

Short-term (30 minute) parking spaces at Rossi Student Center and Memorial Hall: These spaces are available for use by any CIU community member, but for only 30 minutes per visit.